Acclivius Software's Mission

Our Mission ... is to provide quality software to businesses and individuals, solving their specific needs through the innovative use of technology. All the while ensuring that our solutions can be used by everyone, from the casual user to uber-geek. 

So What Does That Mean?

  • Quality Software ... Our software and services have been developed and used in the work place for the past 5 years. This means that you are not just getting a hypothetical solution to your problem, but one that businesses are using everyday to run their companies. As further proof all of Acclivius Software's internal systems are developed using our own solutions.
  • Specific Needs ... All of the software developed by Acclivius Software is done with a focus on modularity. This modular focus allows us to build solutions up to match your specific needs without needing to charge you for features you won't use. This focus also enables us to do more integration of our solutions into your work flow.
  • Innovative Use of Technology ... To ensure that our solutions perform at their best in the marketplace we use a mix of in-house, open source, and commercial software. What makes this combination special in our solutions is the focus that we have on integration. We make sure that all of the pieces fit together, and customize the pieces that don't. This gives us the greatest amount of flexibility in solving the problems that you present.
  • Usable By Everyone For a solution to be usable, people need to be able to understand how everything comes together so that they can produce the correct results. That means that interfaces need to be simple enough that part time users can be trained in a timely manner, but flexible enough that power users can customize and extend the solution to match their needs.