About Acclivius Software

Acclivius Software started as a team of developers working as a part of the International Study Group, providing technical support, web development, application development, and systems integration. For five years we developed highly customizable applications and solutions which have formed the backbone of the International Study Group's member organizations operations. As we grew, we recognized the need for many of our solutions in the greater community.  This led to the transition of Acclivius Software into a commercial software and services provider. Our background is corporate development and support, as such, we understand the need for quality results, during often times, fast paced time lines. We look forward to working with you in the future to help develop and integrate the solutions needed to make your organization run smoother. 

Our Goals

  • Provide quality services that enable people to be more productive.
  • Develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers
  • Help small to medium sized business (SME) be more competitive in the global marketplace.
  • Reduce development cost for our partners.
  • Provide solutions which integrate into your work flow

What Does Acclivius Software Do?

   Acclivius Software is a solutions provider for organizations and individuals, with a focus on resolving problems related to information management. We work primarily with small to medium business (SME), and as such we know that our solutions have to be cost effective and implementable with a minimal amount of technical knowledge by our users. We also provide full support for all of our solutions, to help ensure that you get the most out of the technology that we provide.

Acclivius Software's History

Acclivius Software, Inc is privately held C corporation. It was formally incorporated on Jan 20, 2004 in the state of Wisconsin. Its primary business partners for the first 2 years of operations were organizations with the International Studies Group and their direct partners. In January of 2006, Acclivius Software started offering its services to the general public.

Acclivius Software's initial service offerings included web hosting and custom software development. It began introducing commercial software in June of 2006, and is scheduled to start delivering a full range of commercial software by the Fall of 2006.

Acclivius Software's Commitment to Our Customers

   We will work with our customers and listen to their feedback to help grow our portfolio of predeveloped applications and solutions, and our focus will always be on helping the customer to resolve their problems by using efficient innovative technology.