Types of Software Developed by Acclivius Software

The greatest "feature and benefit" of customized business solutions is that they are developed to resolve real needs within your business. No other approach to technology has the potential to yield greater results for business.

The following features and benefits by no means represents a complete list of, but should help to give an idea of what can be accomplished through customized business solutions. For a review of how we can benefit your business please contact us.

Back Office Solutions

Improve the way your office manages information. Enabling you to be more responsive to your customers, and by empowering your employees to do more in less time.

  • Accounting/Payroll:  Integrate your financial data into a centralized system, simplifying data entry, and enabling easy to generate financial (operational and government) reports.
  • Customer Relationship:  Create stronger relationships with your customers by creating a more integrated experience with your company. Simplify ordering, transaction historys, personalized communications, and greater access to information.
  • Reource Management:  Better manage your enterprise resources by integrating your sales, billing, production, and inventory into one system. Have real-time status of your operations and lower costs due to inefficiencies in your supply chain.
  • Customer Analysis:  Better understand your customers through automated statistical analysis systems, providing adaptive information regrading your customers needs and wants.
  • Project Management:  Keep projects on schedule and on task through collaborative tracking and reporting of ongoing projects.

Communications & Networking

Enhance your ability to communicate, both within your organization, and in your outreach to clients. Our solutions are secured any designed for class enterprise usage.

  • Website Design:  Improve the look and functionality of your website, attracting new customers, and making your website more functional for everyone.
  • Content Management:  Enable your staff to update and manage your website without the need to learn any markup, scripting, or programming languages, lowering your website maintenance cost while driving more relevant content to your users.
  • Enterprise Email:  Keep connected and organized with advanced features including: web based access, highly configurable filtering, anti-spam/virus protection, auto responses, and multiuser access.
  • Secured Networking:  Locking down your network is important to both keeping crackers out, and keeping your IP in. Control the information flow through your office.
  • Inter-Office Communications:  Connect your offices with virtual networks allowing secured integration of networks and phones between disperse locations

Partnering & On-Line Presence

The Internet through the Worldwide Web, and other protocols provides one of the greatest tools for expanding your business's resources, and for integrating data from your partner organizations.

  • Web Based Payments:  Increase the number of ways your customers can give you money by using on-line payment services. Many of these services provide protection to merchant against chargebacks, and are convenient for your customers to use.
  • On-Line Marketplaces:  Integrate your merchandise into thriving on-line marketplaces such as eBay and Yahoo shops. The greater the visibility of your products the greater potential for sales.
  • RSS/Web Based Content:  Enhance the content on your website through RSS feeds and portal service providers. This keeps users interested in your site and gives you access to dynamic content without having to do all the work.
  • Integration:  Integrate content from your partners directly into your desktop and web applications providing your employees easy access to information that they use the most without waisting the time of going on the Internet to get it.