Custom Software Development

Acclivius Software's Business Solutions Group specializes in creating customized solutions that integrate into your organization. We work directly with each client to develop customized applications built according to your business specifications, time requirements and budgetary constraints. These highly integrated solutions enable your organization to be more productive, and thus, more competitive in your industry.

Solutions for Today, That Will Last Through Tomorrow

   We understand that any solution that you invest in today needs to be able to function in tomorrow's world. That is why all of Acclivius Software's customized business solutions are built in a modular way, ensuring our solutions can grow with your business, even if tomorrow brings with it a few surprises.

  • Component Based Software Design: Only pay for features that you need today, without losing the ability to add them if you need them in the future.
  • Flexible Support Contracts: We offer various support packages, or we can provide custom support to match your specifications.
  • Interoperable With Others: Where possible we build our solutions using industry defined standards. This helps to ensure that your solutions are interoperable with your customers and business partners.
  • Enterprise Class Solutions: Our solutions are designed to be used by businesses in multi-user environment. Including integrated backups, data redundancy, clustering/dynamic load balancing and other high availability techniques.

Is Acclivius Software Right for My Business?

   Acclivius Software's Business Solutions Group is ready to work with your business to develop solutions for: web development, on-line market places, back office solutions (erp, payroll, accounting, etc), network design and setup, and custom software development. Our staff has worked with individuals in over 20 countries devloping solutions to business needs and providing customer support. Put our years of experience to work for your business. If this sounds like it may be or interest to you, please feel free to call (414 758-0249) us for more information, or to setup an appointment.