Custom Software Development Support

Keeping your business running smoothly is one of your top priorities, and with Acclivius Software's business support we will make it one of ours too! Our current Business Support options include:

Custom Business Solutions Support (CBSS)
  Who's It For: Any organization with a Custom Business Solution developed by Acclivius Software
  Mediums: Email, Instant Messaging, Phone, or On-site (SE WI only)
  Contract Type: Per Incident or Prepaid Term
  Cost: Variable depending on the solutions covered, how support is delivered, and length of agreement.
  Key Benefit: Faster answers since we developed your solution, and know how it operates within your company.
  Description: CBSS support contracts are designed to provide flexible, quality support for business solutions that were developed through Acclivius Software. We are able to provide our highest level of business support through these contracts since we have already worked with your organization, and know both the ins and outs of the solution that we provided, and how that solution is supposed to operate within your organization.

CBSS support contracts can include technical support, training, and software/system maintenance. We work with you to develop the most cost effective solution that meets the needs of your business. We can even include critical systems on-site support, where we will have someone there with 10 hours of receiving a support request 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays.

Technical Planning & Consulting (TPC)
  Who's It For: Any Organization
  Mediums: On-site (SE WI only)
  Contract Type: Prepaid Term
  Cost: Base $100 per hour; 7% Reduction for 10-20 hours; 15% Reduction for 20+ hours
  Key Benefit: Planning & Consulting by people who have extensive experience developing business solutions.
  Description: Without a sound plan implementing changes within your companies technical infrastructure can be a daunting undertaking, and often lead to lower than expected performance or even a loss of revenue. The first step of any project should be mapping out the process, and then determining a clear set goals that are to be completed throughout each step of the implementation. This is where Acclivius Software's experience is developing Business Solutions can work for your organization. We will work with you in developing a plan that make sense for your business, and takes into consideration your budget and business/technical requirements. The outcome of this process is specification documents which you can have developed through Acclivius Software or bid out to other companies.
Business Support for Existing Technical Infrastructure (BSETI)
  Who's It For: Any Organization that has a CBSS contract with Acclivius Software
  Mediums: Email, Instant Messaging, Phone, or On-site (SE WI only)
  Contract Type: Prepaid Term
  Cost: Variable depending on software and hardware to be covered.
  Key Benefit: Consolidate your support and simply the way your office runs.
  Description: We provide support for existing technical infrastructure for two reasons. One, lack of support should not force you to upgrade your systems if what you have is already performing to your requirements . Two, consolidating support provides your business with a consistent level of service, consolidated billing, and simplified office procedures when support is required.

Our BSETI support contracts can cover a wide range of software including most major applications for Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Sun, BEA Systems, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc
Hardware architectures supported include x86, x86-64, PPC, alpha, SPARC, etc