Who Are Custom Software Solutions For?

Custom software projects from Acclivius Software are for organizations of all sizes, and provide a unique way to make your business more productive. Custom software solutions vary from full n-tier applications to mini-apps that connect two different systems that would not normally talk to each other. We will work with you to determine the right set of features and budget constraints that are necessary to improve your work flow while not destroying your budget.

Currently our custom solutions are for people who are looking for applications written in Java, or web applications written in Java or PHP. We are currently evaluating support for applications written in .NET, but can not commit to any projects using this technology at this time. We can work with any existing application in which you have access to the source code, or there is a published API and bindings for one of the above languages. Small applications, and ad hoc solutions for temporary problems, can be done in a variety of languages, such as Perl, Python, Apple Script, etc. We will work with you to determine the best programming language and deployment strategy to ensure that your application both maintainable and fully functional.

We can deploy your custom software on any OS which has Java Runtime Environment that is greater than or equal to 1.4.2. This includes Linux (PPC, X86), Mac OS X (PPC, X86), Windows (X86), *BSD (*X86), Solaris (X86, Sparc), AIX, Tru64, and OpenVMS. For higher end Unix Operating Systems our support is limited to the correct installation and operation of the application only, and we may also require access to the hardware to ensure final compatibility. If you are interested in deploying on a different platform that the ones listed above, please contact us and we will look into its viability.

We will also be offering support for applications that are to be deployed on hand held devices in the 3rd quarter of 2006. The hand held devices must have a J2ME Runtime Environment or a byte code compiler. If you are interested in deploying to a J2ME device please contact us before purchasing the devices to make sure that its profile supports the requirements of your application.

Businesses Development

   A well executed technical plan can increase sales while decreasing costs. Technological solutions accomplish these goals by increasing your employees productivity, and extending the reach of your company. As such any technology deployed by your business has to be simple to use, powerful and integrated into your work flow. Here in lies the importance of customizing any technological solution to your business requirements, and where Acclivius Software's customized business solutions make the difference. We work with you from the start to define project goals that solve your needs. Helping to ensure that the technical solutions deployed by your business fit in your overall technical plan, and are able to produce results for your business.

Personnel & Customer Service

   The purpose of technology is to be used by people, whether it be by your staff or your customers, if they can't understand it they won't use it effectively. This is the oft forgotten rule of technology. With our customized business solutions we work with your staff to understand how they use your existing systems, and then build a plan for upgrading and customizing your infrastructure so your business can get more done in less time, enhance your customers experience, and help you to reach new markets. Whether its revising an ordering system or upgrading your support network, you know how your staff and customers interact with your business, and we know how to use technology to facilitate it more effectively.

Future Development & Expansion

   Any solution that your business chooses to deploy will need to be customized to your organization's needs. The question is, what is the most effective way to do it? If you go to the store and purchase the latest version of exchange server, how do you know its going to work for your business, who is going to install it, and what happens if something goes wrong? Throughout the planning process we will work with you to ensure that all of these questions are answered thoroughly. We will make sure that deploy the right piece of software that fits within your budget, whether it be open source, commercial, or written to your requirements. We will then work with you to ensure that all of technology that you deploy works together harmoniously. We can also provide full support including on-site support to ensure that you stay running smoothly down the road.