Acclivius Software - Affordable Customized Business Solutions

Simplify Your On-line Presence

   We all know how important the Internet is to businesses these days. In order to compete your business needs a reliable web hosting company. A company that provides solutions, that enable you to increase your on-line presence without having to hire an army of developers. Our tools make the process of creating and maintaining your website, newsletters, e-commerce applications, and all the other related functionality of your website simpler, thus allowing you to focus on getting your content to your users.

 Solutions, Not Hype, Drive Your Business

   As a business you know that you need more than just promises, you need solutions that work. That is why, here at Acclivius Software, we understand the importance of talking to our customers and tailoring our solutions to match their specific needs. From our flexible support, to our staged implementation process, you can be sure that your solution will work the way you need it to.

  • Design & Update From Your Web Browser
  • Integration of Your Website Into Your Business
  • Database / Email / Log Analyzer Available On-line
  • SPAM and Anti-Virus Checking
  • Customizable To Your Needs
  • Designed to Your Specifications
  • Training & Application Support Included
  • Built on Industry Standards
  • Cross Platform Solutions
  • Source Code Available
  • Fast Deployment Times
  • Customizable to Your Needs
  • Lower Cost of Entry
  • Full Application Support
  • Toll Free Support (USA & Canada)
  • Emergency Support 24 x 7
  • Email Responses Within 8 Business Hours
  • Staffed by Developers

Our Mission

   ... is to provide quality software to businesses and individuals, solving their specific needs through the innovative use of technology. All the while ensuring that our solutions can be used by everyone, from the casual user to uber-geek.