On-line Content Management System

Content Management Systems (CMS) greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to develop and maintain a website by enabling people with little or no background in website design to participate in updating the website. Whether its fixing a typo or updating an outdated graphic they are now enabled to make the changes without having to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. This also leads to an overall cost savings for you or your business by no longer needing to contact outside vendors, employing in house staff, to just make minute changes.

Here is a list of what we view at the top 10 advantages of CMS:

  1. With our very simple and easy to use content managements system, creating, editing and updating your website is no more complex than filling out an on-line form.
  2. Our pre-built templates make it easy to get your site started, and to keep it up to date in the future.
  3. By adding your own color schemes, pictures, original art and design ideas, you can quickly and easily develop a website that captures the uniqueness and professionalism of your business.
  4. The advanced "Editor" allows you to apply paragraph styles to your text, such as bolding or italicizing text, adding links, or creating lists.
  5. You can quickly add content to your website by pasting text from other documents into the editor. With its automatic cleanup features you won't even have to reformat the text.
  6. Customizable logins enable you to control who is able to make changes to your website. Allowing you to delegate the work with confidence that users will only be able to update their sections of the website.
  7. Our login system ensures users are validated before they make any changes. You can add and delete users at any time or manage the level of access for each user.
  8. All updates are made to a "development" copy of your website, allowing you to try and perfect changes before uploading them to the "public" copy.
  9. With our "activation system", you no longer have to manually transfer your updated files to the web server. By the simply click of a button, your changes will automatically be applied to your public website. Keeping the users of your website up to date has never been easier!
  10. Empowering your employees while saving money on your website design and hosting.