Web Hosting Services & Support

Basic Hosting Support
  Who's It For: All Acclivius Software Hosting Clients
  Cost: Included with hosting agreement
  Key Benefit: Core system updates, Basic diagnostics, Telephone & Email Support
  Description: We want to make sure that your experience with Acclivius Software is a pleasant one, which is why we provide free basic support to all of hosting customers. Besides the basics of keeping our servers up-to-date and secure, we will assist you with basic diagnostics of any problems that occur with sites that you have deployed on our servers. If you have any problems with your hosting account, please call or email us.
Premium Hosting Support
  Who's It For: All Acclivius Software Hosting Clients
  Cost: $350 per month
  Key Benefit: Emergency support, Direct access to technicians, Fail Over and Load Balancing Setup/Support
  Description: For customers that need more support, or require the assurance that we will be here for them 24 hours a day, we offer our Premium Hosting Support. Our Premium Support is about more than just helping you after a problem has occurred, we will work with you to build in preventative systems to ensure that problems don't occur in the first place. We will even assist you in setting up your sites so that they can be load balanced or fail over gracefully. For more information on how premium hosting support can work for you, please contact us.
Content Management System (CMS) Customization
  Who's It For: All Acclivius Software Hosting Clients
  Cost: $65 per hour or negotiated per template
  Key Benefit: Integration of custom features and templates
  Description: Have a great idea that you want integrated into your site but don't want to learn how the template system of your CMS works? Just have our developers implement it for you. We have worked extensively with the CMS systems that we provide and are able to extend them for customers looking for more advanced or highly customized features. You can save time and money by having us do the implementation over having to learn how to do it from scratch. For more information please, contact us.
Website Development & Planning
  Who's It For: Anyone Developing or Updating a Website
  Cost: Base $100 per hour; 7% Reduction for 10-20 hours; 15% Reduction for 20+ hours
  Key Benefit: Planning & Consulting by people who have extensive experience in web development
  Description: Designing, updating, and maintaining a successful website can be a lot of work. But, by leveraging Acclivius Software's years of experience, you don't have to be alone in this endeavor. We can plug into your development or maintenance process wherever you need some extra help or ideas. We will also work with you to develop your site using tools and best practice implementations to help reduce the amount of time and money that you have to put into maintaining and developing your site. For more information, please contact us.
Advanced Administration of Private Servers
  Who's It For: Any Organization With Existing Web Servers
  Cost: Base $175 per mo, per server, Final price depends on number of servers and software config
  Key Benefit: Administration of your web server regardless of where it resides. Support and installation of non-standard programs.
  Description: Have existing web servers deployed, but don't want to pay your own webmaster to maintain them? Or, maybe you are planning a new deployment, but for logistical reasons need to host it at a specific location. Don't worry, we can still manage your web server for you. You will have all of the same great features available for controlling your web server, and you'll have the confidence of knowing that your server is being maintained by a team of dedicated professionals. For more information please, contact us.